Updates / New Downloads 20

Versus 20.032 (5.4M)

Flippers 20.032 (5.4M)

Versus Kroko 20.037 (5.4M)

Versus Import Electronic Files 20.038 (1.3M)

Versus Super 20.038 (5.4M)
Versus Super 20.039 BETA (Experimental)(5.4M)

===== Fixes =====
20.025: Minor: Medal-count team-ranking report split groups if you have competitions.
20.033: Minor: The Meeting name, venue and date prints over two lines on all reports.
20.033: MAJOR: New facility to import Electronic Time files.
20.032: MAJOR: Labels with all Items per Athlete: adjusted to handle 3 columns ( height aprox 35mm ).
20.030: minor: Kroko: Items specs for 2020.
20.030: MAJOR: New Athtlete-menu on During-Complex.
20.027: minor: Kroko installation: "missing dll" included with install.
20.027: minor: Described Items: including the normal Item description (eg: 100m) made optional.
20.027: minor: Combined Items menu is displayed if you added at least one Combined Item.
20.027: MAJOR: Updating Recordsets handling of duplicates fixed.
20.022: MAJOR: Athlete Draws: Drawing Constant with a "Specified" order fixed
20.020: MAJOR: Specs/weights for implements are printed on ASA 2020 score table
20.019: MAJOR: Teamdraw handles two-gender relays.
20.018: minor: Team totals/ranking: menu re-arranged.
20.018: MAJOR: Saving Teamfiles: folder handling improved.
20.018: MAJOR: Victor / Victrix Ludorum revamped, including popup of items not calculated yet.
20.018: MAJOR: Import Athletes from CSV: handles short- and long-hurdles.
20.018: MAJOR: Import Program from a CSV substantially improved.