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Printing to PDF or Excell

Kroko 18.002. (3.1Meg)

Firebird 2.5.2. Database driver.

Program Templates A few ready made programs.
Template Team Excel-files Importing athletes from "text" files.

Versus PerfHist 17_053.Enter performances directly on the field. (1.2Meg)
VersusElec ImportFiles 17_069.Import track events directly from TimeTronics results-files. (1.2Meg)
Versus TakeTime 17_069. Enter results at the finishing line, or next to the Elctronic time keeper (1.2Meg)
Versus TalkTime 17_053.Program for the Announcer. (1.2Meg)
Versus Callroom 17_053. Program for the Callroom (1.2Meg)
Versus ShowTime 17_053. Display results away from the computer room: selfhelp for anyone (1.2Meg)
Versus MedalTime 17_053.Program for the Medal table (1.2Meg)
Versus EditTeamFiles 17_053. (0.7Meg)
Flippers EditTeamFiles 17_053. (0.7Meg)
Versus Report Printer 17.001. (1.0Meg)

MgData (1.0Meg)