Installation and data-connection related issues

Where is my data.

Your data is there somewhere.
The last resort to find it is normally to scan your entire
hard-drive for any file with the extension ".gdb",
and look for the biggest one, OR the one with the latest time-stamp that has a
name that looks like it is a Versus-file, like "Versus" or "Versus2018" or
even "EmptyVersus18". You could have renamed the database to anything.
Remember to look inside ".zip (or ".rar") files too.

The only time you will ever lose any of your data (old Meetings), is if you
go to Windows Explorer, and you delete the Versus.gdb that you are working on,
or the folder that it is inside, eg: if you delete "C:\Users\YourName\Versus".

Installing or UN-installing any Versus or Firebird or Interbase will never
delete it. That means: if your data is "lost", what you need to do is look
for the Versus.gdb that you worked on.
The backup- and restore functions will also not delete.

An empty Versus-database is 3.3meg or 4meg. A Meeting adds about .5 meg to it.
That should indicate the size you are looking for.