Installation and data-connection related issues

Problem: when you download and install Firebird, it complains that FireBird is running.

Important: follow all the steps below.

1) Abort the installation
2) Stop Firebird from the "Control Panel"
3) Uninstall the current running Firebird from the "Control Panel".
4) Start the installation again.

Firebird Control Centre.

There is a program with which you can start or stop Firebird.
You will need this program for some of the steps described above.
If you follow the default way of doing things in Versus, you will almost
never need this program. The program could also be called something
else like "Firebird Server Manager".

You can find this program on the Windows "Control Panel".
( Click on the Windows "Start" icon on the bottom left of
your Windows screen, and click "Control Panel" ).
Where you find it, will depend on the type of view
you are in in the "Control Panel".
(You set the type of view on the top-right
corner of the "Control Panel" screen.)
If it is on "Icons" (small or large), it will be alphabetically (at "F").
If it is on "Category", it is under the "System and Security" category.