Installation and data-connection related issues

How to transfer Versus to another computer.

All the data of Versus is stored in one single database-file.
This file is normally called Versus.gdb. You only have to carry
this data file to the other computer.

This file is normally found uncer C:\Users\User\Versus\Data\Versus.gdb.
Depending on your windows setup, the "User" above could be the computer name.
( Up to Versus 16 the defaults WAS:
LocalHost C:\Program Files (x86)\Red&Brown\Versus\Data\Versus.gdb. )
After installing Versus on the other computer, copy the datafile there.
Make sure it is in the correct place, and make sure you connect to it.

You can also use "Manage Data" -> "Databases" -> "Restore" to restore
from a zipped "snapshot" of the database.