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Versus Athletics

Bank Detail


To buy Versus and use it the first year is currently R3200.
License fees for Versus thereafter is currently R1000 per year.
To buy Flippers is currently R1900.
Licensing for Flippers is currently R500 per year.

Banking Details

Bank: First National Bank
Branch: 25065500 – Remote Banking Service 560
Account number : 62565374213
Account name : Versus Athletics

How to acquire Versus or Flippers.

1) Pay the amount into our bank account. See above.
Make sure we are able to recognise the reference school-name.
2) Download and install first FireBird and then VersusUpgrade from the “Downloads” page.
Then: “run” Versus.
3) Phone for a software key when you reach the “Register” page. See the “Support” screen.

How to upgrade Versus or Flippers.

Download the upgrade from the “Downloads” page.