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Versus Athletics
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    How to Install or Upgrade Versus
    1) Download Firebird and install it using all the defaults
  • 2) If it is a new PC : install the empty database (it will not overwrite any existing database)
    3) Download Versus and install it
    4) Call Noreen ( see “Support” page ) when you reach the “Register Software” screen

Download Firebird

if it is not installed already.  ! Use all the defaults during installation. !
Versus requires Firebird. Once installed, Firebird should always be ready running in the background as soon as the computer is switched on
Install Firebird (the 32-bit version, NOT 64-bit).  Handles 64- and 32-bit Windows, and Windows 7, 8 and 10

Install Empty Database

If you do not have any data yet: install an empty database.  It will not overwrite any exisitng database.

Versus 19.017 Upgrade


Versus Software keys always expire a few days into the new year, to allow teachers to start preparing data before the school starts

PLEASE ! ! Make regular backups (under Manage Data) of your database

Versus comes with 16 Templates, courtesy Manus Hendriks.


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